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Who we are

Nikia Media, Inc. specializes in Digital Performance Marketing and offers services and tools that help start-ups and small businesses increase their online presence and scale!

Why choose us

We are a performance-based organization that supports start-ups to small businesses. Our offering includes, but is not limited to:

  • Tailored marketing services and strategies that will help your business improve
  • Analytical and critical thinking that delivers solutions that can quickly be tested and implemented in a variety of businesses
  • Business Success Center Tools that help businesses identify areas to improve and guidance in easily building campaigns in the 5 key stages of the customer journey (how people become your customers)
  • Experienced marketing executives
how can we help you?

Contact Nikia Media, Inc. for professional business and marketing services you can trust.

Nikia Media is the person to go to if you really need help getting your business off the ground

Jorel Mayers
Sales & Marketing, The Cartel

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