Hosted PBX Systems

Nikia Media’s PBX revolves around extensions and DIDs. Each extension is registered to a phone and you decide how you want the call to “flow” when someone dials your DIDs or TFNs.

Each DID can ring to an automated menu, a group of extensions, or other options. Each phone, while limited to one extension number per phone, can have multiple lines to receive multiple calls. International rates are available upon request.

DID Hosting Service


  As Low As

 Affordable DID Hosting

Pay as you go Call-Forwarding

 Time of Day service

Port numbers to us

 and start saving

Hosted PBX


Starting at

Free Unlimited Calling to

the US, PR, and Canada!

Multiple Lines per Extension

Over 25 Executive Features

Month to Month Flexibility

  Toll-Free Service


Starting at

Toll Free $0.07 per Minute

Pay as you go Call-Forwarding

Time of Day service

Port numbers to us

 and start saving

Unlimited FAX


Starting at

Free Unlimited Faxing to the

US, PR, and Canada!

FAX to E-mail Support

E-mail to FAX Support

View and Send Faxes online

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