Fail Your Way to Success

You have great ideas that you believe will lead you to success, don’t you? Sometimes you think of making these ideas (especially ones that have the potential to generate income) a reality. Instead, you do not follow though and your ideas never materialize.

What stopped you? Fear of what your peers will think? Fear of not knowing what steps you should take to reach your goal? Whatever the reason, fear – especially fear of failing is probably a common reason, isn’t it?

At one point, I was the project manager, developer, designer, editor, search engine optimizer, publisher, marketing manager, business analyst etc. for a long list of several of my very own niche websites. This was a lot of work for one person to keep up, but I did this for about six years non-stop.

I did not know much about internet marketing when I first got started making websites for the businesses I owned. I only began to get professional experience three years after creating my first website after a career change working for an online performance marketing agency. Prior to that, my only experiences on internet marketing was from creating email marketing blasts and using online tools to generate leads while I managed private jet charter operations. I took it upon myself to learn about internet marketing by researching and studying it in my free time and putting what I learned to the test.

I began to see some great results when I put in the work; however, I overloaded myself with wearing all the hats, that I lost sight in what I really loved after a while – creating websites and starting businesses. I had this dream of being a successful online business entrepreneur for the longest time, but my ideas were not coming together as quickly as I anticipated.

Although my peers respected me and I was successful, I still felt discouraged because of my financial reality.  I always saw myself being a lot further along in life financially. Instead of pushing forward, I gave up for a while because I feared that I would never make my dreams a reality and let everyone down who believe in me. I stopped trying because I did not want to fail. If I was not trying, how could I fail?

What I did not realize then is that my chances for success decreased when I stopped trying. In fact, not trying is the true failure. If I do not try, I learn nothing at all. But if I try, and in the process of trying I fail, at least I learn some lessons – what NOT to do!

Realize that failure will enable you to make adjustments in both your personal life and in your career. You WILL fail; get used to it. However, the more times you fail, the more chances you have to perfect your formula for success. Do what you fear most and you will overcome it sooner than later.

Original: https://web.archive.org/web/20161102163610/https://nikiamedia.com/2016/02/19/fail-way-success/

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